Sunday, September 4, 2011

SCA Epidose 000 -- The Pre-Kara Zor-El Supergirls!

Welcome at long last to the very first episode of Supergirl's Cosmic Adventures.  In this episode, after taking some time for introductions, I take a look at Superboy #5 from 1949 and Superman #123 from 1958. Billy Hogan also covered Superman #123 in episode 168 of Superman Fan Podcast.  That episode can be found here.

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NEXT WEEK:  Kara comes to Earth, puts on a magic show, and doesn't get adopted in Action Comics 252-254

IN TWO WEEKS:  Supergirl starts a gang and is disowned by Superman in Adventure Comics 381-382

IN THREE WEEKS:  Supergirl's awesome, yet complex Post-Crisis origin begins in Superman 21-22 and Adventures of Superman 444

IN FOUR WEEKS:  Kara comes to Earth again in Superman/Batman 8-10